About IAG

    PT Asuransi Parolamas (Parolamas) is a corporate part of the IAG Group,     the largest general insurance companies in Australia and New Zealand, and also     one of the leading general insurance companies in the Asia Pacific. IAG has experience     more than 150 years in providing insurance for individuals, families and     business.

    About Parolamas

    In Indonesia, Parolamas had its operations in 1964 and had     more than 53 years of experience in providing insurance protection     general to individual and business customers.

    In April 2015, IAG acquired Parolamas, and had ownership     80% share. The Parolamas continue to gain the trust of the Indonesian people     in providing the best service to business partners and customers when     they need.

    Parolamas has a business license in the insurance sector based on the Decree     Director General of Domestic Monetary Number KEP-7436 / MD / 1986     dated November 13, 1986.

    About Simplr

    Simplr is the latest brand from Parolamas that offers insurance products     living allowances that can be purchased easily via transparent online,     honest, clear, simple and fast.

    Simplr provides digital access that can be opened anytime and anywhere     only The application process offered is also easy and without complicated and can     provide information on types of benefits clearly in easy language     understood. In addition, the fees provided are on one page     only, and without other additional costs.